Secure payment

> Paypal is our payment gateway.

> Paypal is very secure website. Even you don't have paypal account you can still process by using Visa / Mastercard  (you can see option in payment page in paypal page).

> We recommend paypal account, they are highly secure and reliable. They are open 24 hours. Customer Service Phone: 1 (888) 221-1161). Website:
> Secure payment is very important in online purchasing. Using unknown website with their own payment system is not a good idea. The reason is when something goes wrong, you don't know where to contact and small business like us would not have enough customer support and highly and sophisticated security staffs. But paypal has those supports and they can take care of you.
>That is the reason, we associate with paypal (which is third party). We do have have our own business accout at to proccess. As soon as we received money through paypal, we will process in shipping.